bag in box

sustainable packaging solutions

Back in 2022, after a lot of research, we realised we wanted to create a way that customers could buy our drinks without using so much packaging. 

We have never used plastic bottles, only ever glass, as we know this is the best option for sustainability, but we knew we could do more. 

So we began our research and looked into lots of different packaging ideas which are both sustainable and practical. Bag in Box packaging ticked so many boxes so at the beginning of 2023 we launched it. 

The system is similar to a box of wine – it has an inner bag which is vacuum packed for the drink, and the whole bag is then placed in a cardboard carton. You do not need any special attachments to pour the drink, it comes with a handy tap which is ready to use. Alternatively with an attachment it can be linked to a pump system.


We think Bag in Box is a great alternative for both home consumption and also cafes, pubs and restaurants. Here are just a few of the reasons: 

 – Cardboard outer is fully recyclable and takes up minimal space in recycling bins

 – Plastic inner bag is fully recyclable – it is made from the same material as bag for life bags are so can be recycled in local supermarkets or through commercial recycling

 – Environmentally friendly transportation – the weight is only of the product, rather than lots of packaging

 – The boxes take up much less space than plastic or glass bottles would – a 10 litre bag in box is the equivalent of 30 x 330ml bottles 

– Flexibility to choose your own serving size

 – Great for venues that cannot take glass such as beachside locations, play areas and festivals – anywhere with a no glass policy

 – Once opened the boxes will last for 3 months

 – Due to the packaging costs being reduced, we pass the cost saving onto you, giving you the same great quality drink at a lower price

While we know that our bottles are super popular, we want to give our customers the option – we want to make sure we have the right product for everyone

and know that Bag in Box is a great, cost effective and best of all sustainable solution. 

If you would like to know more please do get in touch and we will happily help.

If you would like to have a Bag in Box or two delivered to your home for a party or just to have in your pantry for when you fancy a refreshing drink, please click here