Why Stock Hullabaloos?

We like to think it’s an easy decision to stock Hullabaloos Lemonade

Purely because it tastes so good! But we know there is more to choosing your soft drinks than meets the eye.

Are soft drinks an afterthought?

There are some truly fantastic pubs, cafes & restaurants out there who spend a great deal of time perfecting their food and alcohol menus. Sometimes soft drinks can be left behind rather than seen as part of a customers’ dining experience. We (naturally!) think that soft drinks are just as important as the rest of the menu ensuring that your customers know how much thought has gone into creating a memorable experience. Our lemonades are made to get a reaction – no wishy-washy flavours with us.

Why compromise on ethics?

We at Hullabaloos strive to ensure our products as environmentally sound as possible. We choose to use glass bottles or Bag in Box over plastic so there are no nasties leaching into the product, and the glass we use is more lightweight meaning less glass & less carbon footprint. We also use British raspberries, British sugar, and always fresh filtered Somerset water. On top of this we recycle what little waste we have – any plastic never goes to landfill, instead it sets off on an adventure to be turned into something new.

So why choose Hullabaloos Lemonade?

  • All our drinks are handmade using traditional methods & natural ingredients
  • There are NO baddies or bubbles in any of our drinks
  • We always use top quality fruits, never fruit concentrate
  • There is more lemon squeezed into each bottle than any other drink we know
  • We try our hardest to do our bit for this wonderful planet of ours
  • Our drinks are enjoyed by young & old, icy cold or gently warmed, on their own or as a mixer, the list goes on!
  •  We use a range of brilliant distributors so can deliver nationally and Internationally 

But most importantly – our lemonades taste great!

If you think Hullabaloos would look great (and taste even better) in your business please give us a shout here or feel free contact us.

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Great Taste 2019
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