Summer is here – Wildlife, Meadows & Duck Houses

The sun has been shining and the birds have been singing here at Hullabaloos Towers! The first half of 2023 has proved to be a busy and constructive year on many levels.

We have been busy at events again after a quieter 2022, and we have met so many customers old and new at many food festivals including the wonderful , and to name but a few.

2023 has also seen us launch our new (and VERY popular!) Pure Apple Juice. After many requests for this we finally bit the bullet and created our lovely apple juice, and it has simply flown off the shelves since it launched back in March. We are hoping to increase this range going forward so watch this space! In the meantime if you would like to try it you can buy it in our online shop now.

Not only have we had record sales months this year, we have also been working on other projects which are very close to our hearts. You may know that 18 months ago we were lucky enough to move to our own premises deep in the Somerset countryside with fantastic views. Not only that but we have created a beautiful wildflower meadow, breathed new life into our giant pond, and planted over 700 native hedge plants. We are so lucky to hear the birds and watch the insects buzzing around the flowers. We have even built a duck house which the kids have named Duckingham Palace (not sure it’s particularly palatial but the ducks seem to like it!)

Creating a wildlife haven is very high on our list of priorities here at Hullabaloos Towers and we have huge ideas to carry this work forward in the future. Environmental ethos is of huge importance to us and as guardians of our little patch of Somerset we love seeing the wildlife flourish here.

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